Naperville Bicycle Club’s Open to Anyone Interested in Cycling

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Naperville Bicycle Club (NBC) is a community cycling club devoted to social, recreational, and sport riding.

Naperville Bicycle Club supports cycling, fitness, and mobility advocacy in our community with organizations such as Ride Illinois and Project Mobility. They also actively support the fundraising of many organizations by fielding cycling groups and teams to participate in events such as the Naperville Rotary Ride and Bike MS: Tour de Farms. All rides can be found on the NBC calendar.

NBC also has a presence on major fitness and cycling apps Strava and RideWithGPS where you can see publicly available member rides, even if they are not part of a coordinated outing. RideWithGPS also has an NBC-supported library of great routes in our area. (Many members choose to keep their rides private and not available for public viewing.)

What type of riding does the Naperville Bicycle Club do?

The NBC offers a variety of rides including road riding, gravel & rail-trailsy, and mountain bikes. They offer a number of rides per week in-season, meaning there’s usually one or more that will fit your speed and distance preferences.  Speeds are based on “pace” which is riding on paved, flat ground with no wind.  Surface conditions, weather, wind, and stops can make for average speeds much lower than pace.

Pace Definitions:

  • Slow <=10 mph
  • Easy 11-13 mph
  • Moderate 14-16 mph
  • Fast 17-19 mph
  • Blur 20+  (check with the ride leader on expectations)

For more information on the club, rides, and events, visit their website.

Spotlight Guests

Daryl Monge, President

Ganerdene Gantumur, Board Member at Large

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