Naperville Garden Club celebrates green thumbs & “Cups of Cheer”

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Naperville Garden Club was established in 1929 as part of the Naperville Women’s Club. Then, the club embarked on a mission to foster an enduring love for gardening, floral design, conservation, and environmental responsibility. Today, the club is going strong and celebrating 60-plus years of its cherished fundraiser, the “Cup of Cheer.”

A blooming beginning

The roots of the Naperville Garden Club stretch back to the vibrant Naperville community, where a dedicated group of garden enthusiasts came together almost a century ago. Since its inception, the club’s commitment to nurturing a passion for gardening has grown deeper. Its members, a vibrant tapestry of green-thumbed experts and floral connoisseurs, have generously shared their knowledge and ardor, leaving an indelible mark on the town through their stunning gardens and floral arrangements.

Cultivating more than Naperville gardens

The Naperville Garden Club’s mission transcends the mere cultivation of plants; it encompasses the nurturing of community and a deep concern for the environment. Beyond gardens and flowers, the club ardently upholds responsible environmental stewardship and conservation principles. It recognizes the intrinsic connection between the health of our planet and our affection for the natural world, leading it to approach the role of environmental protection with the utmost seriousness.

Spreading cheer year after year

The Club celebrates 60 + years of its beloved fundraiser – the “Cup of Cheer.” For over six decades, this event has embodied the heart and soul of the Naperville Garden Club. The occasion unites garden enthusiasts, supporters, and friends, bringing the community together. Each year, the “Cup of Cheer” fundraiser contributes to the growth of gardens and the club’s community outreach and environmental initiatives.

The club invites everyone to participate in this year’s “Cup of Cheer” and join the Naperville Garden Club in its mission to promote the love of gardening, floral design, conservation, and environmental responsibility.

Spotlight welcomed Naperville Garden Club President Deb Tritt and Chairperson Diane Greenawalt.