Naperville Lisle Triad serves area seniors for more than 15 years

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The Naperville and Lisle Townships TRIAD has been serving seniors in the community for more than 15 years through a collaborative partnership between law enforcement, senior citizens, and community groups. Triads have formed in communities throughout Illinois and the nation to promote crime prevention for older adults. The groups empower seniors to be more involved in community programs and educational seminars and focus on the importance of health and safety. TRIAD aims to enhance the quality of life for all senior citizens.

TRIAD programs

The TRIAD offers a variety of programs for area seniors including a monthly workshop series often focused on senior health and safety, Circles of Friends groups that support healthy connections with friends and community, and numerous in person events that promote engagement in the senior community. Visit the TRIAD to learn more about past and upcoming programs and events.

Mission & goals of the Triad

The mission of Triad is to enhance the quality of life of all senior citizens in Naperville Township and Lisle Township. The Triad empowers senior citizens to become more involved in community programs, including crime prevention programs, educational seminars, and implementing means to make the community a safer place for senior citizens.

Overall, the Triad works towards creating a safer environment for senior citizens by raising awareness, empowering seniors, emphasizing the criminal nature of senior abuse, enhancing communication and collaboration, and fostering trust and understanding between seniors, law enforcement, and community agencies.

Spotlight welcomed Dennise Vaughn, the Board’s Immediate Past President, and Julie Smith, Board Vice President of the Naperville Lisle Triad.