New program for adults with special needs at Riverwalk Adult Day Services

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Riverwalk Adult Day Services (Riverwalk) was founded in 1983 as Ecumenical Adult Care of Naperville, in 2018 they changed the name to better align with the participant population & organizational charter. Riverwalk was established to provide care for seniors who are navigating some type of cognitive decline such as dementia, Parkinson’s, or stroke, and who cannot be left home alone and to give respite for their caregivers. In September 2023 Riverwalk launched a Recreational Program for Special Needs adults from 18-59. This new program features day trip and activities. 

Both Riverwalk Adult Day Services programs focus on five aspects of adult care

  1. Community environment

Riverwalk offers a secure environment where adults with cognitive challenges socialize and engage, providing caregivers the freedom to pursue activities while entrusting their loved ones to Riverwalk’s skilled staff.

  1. Senior enrichment

From performances to interactive sessions, Riverwalk ensures an enjoyable day through enriching activities like animal visits, arts & crafts, games, and directed exercise.

  1. Recreational activities

Riverwalk elevates the lives of special needs adults with dynamic activities that blend essential life skills, vibrant socialization, and enjoyable community engagement.

  1. Nutritious meals & snacks

Riverwalk offers balanced snacks throughout the day in both programs. While Senior Services provides nutritious dietician-developed lunches, participants in the Recreational Services program bring their own.

  1. Trusted facility

For over 40 years, Riverwalk Adult Day Services has proudly served Naperville’s adults, building strong community trust synonymous with quality care. Riverwalk staff helps participants age at home and gives them a sense of purpose while providing caregiver respite. Caregiver respite is essential to ongoing caregiver physical and mental health and to prevent potential abuse to the dependent adult due to the overwhelming stress and exhaustion of the caregiver.