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About Pull-Up Bars for Patriots

Pull-up Bars for Patriots is a local Naperville charity honoring those who have sacrificed the most. Their mission is to establish permanent memorials by raising sets of pull-up bars to honor fallen service members while encouraging physical fitness in communities across the United States. The pull-up bar memorial is unique by being interactive. Different than a tree, a bench or a statue their memorial encourages everyone and anyone to do pull-ups for a fallen service member. Making it truly interactive, they are developing an app where the completed pull-ups can be tracked while also giving the biography of the service member. The inaugural pull-up bar memorial was established in Wheaton, IL. in honor of LCpl Nick Larson. Their immediate goal is to establish a pull-up bar memorial in Naperville to honor the local fallen service members since September 11, 2001 and long term to “Raise the Bars” across the United States to honor all the fallen to make sure they are never forgotten.

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Gregg Kantz, Founder & President of Pull-Up Bars for Patriots