Ray Graham Provides: Community, Stability, & Personal Care

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Founded in 1950, Ray Graham Association provides a loving community, stability, and personal care for nearly 2,000 people with disabilities in Naperville, DuPage County, and the surrounding area.

Their goal is to empower people to:
• Reach their potential by providing access to therapeutic programs, recreation, and family support resources.
• Grow their future through neighborhood living, life-skills training, and employment opportunities.
• Achieve their goals by pursuing personalized plans with measurable actions and results.

Ray Graham Association believes in a person-centered approach to care and community. They provide people with disabilities and their families an array of services that cater to their individual needs, strengths, and dreams. For over 20 years, the Council of Quality and Leadership has accredited Ray Graham Association for their leadership’s vision of dignity, opportunity, and community for all people. 88% of every dollar donated to Ray Graham Association goes directly to people with disabilities.

One life skills program called Monarch offers five flexible programs that meet needs—especially those of young adults–during times of transition. Monarch Academy, Monarch II, Life Coaching, Monarch Club, and Monarch Zoom are person-centered services that promote lifelong learning.

Monarch Academy provides opportunities for people to explore their interests, develop social skills, prepare for jobs, and connect with their community through authentic and meaningful experiences as community members. Monarch Academy uses the community as the classroom.

Monarch II provides a highly structured and routine curriculum for people on the Autism spectrum, including individualized schedules, movement, sensory, and community experiences. Both programs operate on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Naperville.

For more information, visit their website.

Spotlight Guests

Kim Zoeller, President & CEO

Kristen Garcia, Monarch Services Administrator

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