Quick Hits: Food, Peeves and Favorite Teams

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Quick Hits: Food, Peeves and Favorite Teams. Andrew Kamienski and Ben Wong finish their interview by answering fun questions.

One Food Forever

Asked what food they would eat every day for the rest of their lives, linebacker Ben Wong said pad thai and wide receiver Andrew Kamienski said steak and potatoes.

For Wong, pad thai has become a tradition for him and his dad each team he goes back home to visit after they discovered on a night where they wanted to order something different for a change for take-out.

Kamienski said he like to keep it simple, going as far as to say he could just eat nothing but meat and potatoes for the rest of his life.

Pet Peeves

It may sound like something just out of a cartoon, but Kamienski insisted he truly hates the sound of nails on a chalkboard. This is a well enough known fact about him that teammates are known to do it solely to annoy him.

Interestingly, Wong’s answer was also nail-related: he finds it incredibly disgusting when other people bite their nails. It turns out pet peeves aren’t always just annoying, they can be healthy too.

A Big Trade

What would you give up for your favorite sports team to win a championship? Both players would asked what team they root for they’d take a championship for even if it meant no team the support ever winning another title again.

Wong went with “my Brownies” of course referring to the Cleveland Browns, who after decades of embarrassing football are finally looking up.

Kamienski also picked his favorite NFL team, the Los Angeles Rams. Even though he was alive when the Rams last won a championship in 2000, he doesn’t have any memory of it and would clearly give a lot to experience a championship for himself in the new Rams era of QB Matthew Stafford.