Terrence Hill and Khori Blair Making Plays

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Terrence Hill and Khori Blair making plays headline this week’s Check the Tape with North Central head coach Jeff Thorne

Up first this week was a beautifully-executed offensive play. After faking a handoff, quarterback Luke Lehnen rolled to his left with his focus on that side of the field. Offensive lineman Sharmore Clarke and tight end Matt Robinson combined for a great block to buy Lehnen time to look back to the right and see a wide open Khori Blair for the touchdown.

Thorne praised the offensive line for giving Lehnen time, Lehnen for recognizing the breakdown in the defense, and Blair for a good route and completing the play.

Next, a trifecta of second quarter touchdowns from Terrence Hill: two on the ground and one through the air. Hill started the game in place of the injured Ethan Greenfield, and you never would have known the Cardinals were missing an All American. Hill rushed for 77 yards on 12 carries and also caught the lone pass which went for a touchdown.

The last of the usual three plays was the phenomenal speed shown by freshman Justin Lynch on his 54-yard touchdown run. Thorne commented that it would be a close race between Lynch and fellow freshman Joe Sacco.

Finally, a surprise for Thorne: the phenomenal catch made by his son, Payton, in Michigan State’s win over Indiana. On a double-reverse, Payton Thorne ran a route out of the backfield after initial handoff and made a great sideline grab.