Five things to look for when choosing an orthodontist

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While braces and Invisalign® are outstanding tools, they’re only as effective as the treatment plan created by your doctor. How can you be certain you’re choosing the right orthodontist for the job? Dr. Manal Ibrahim from Innovative Orthodontic Centers shares five things to look for.


You should always see an orthodontist to straighten your teeth. While dentists and orthodontists both complete dental school, only orthodontists attend two additional years of specialty training. They have the expertise to deliver safe, effective care. 

A board-certified orthodontist is an even better choice. This voluntary credential requires extensive preparation and passing examinations to demonstrate clinical excellence.


Be sure the orthodontist takes a proactive approach, including offering interceptive treatment to correct growth and development problems in kids. This helps children get the best results without invasive treatment. 

A non-extraction philosophy is also essential. Choose an orthodontist who will explore every avenue possible before recommending extractions. If extractions are recommended, get a second opinion. An orthodontist with the right experience may help you avoid extractions and jaw surgery.


Orthodontics has evolved so much over the years. Look for a practice that harnesses the power of new technology and uses state-of-the-art solutions to

deliver comfortable treatment in less time and with fewer office visits. This can impact your overall experience and ensure treatment doesn’t interfere with your life.


Experience matters! Patients might be told by their doctors that they aren’t candidates for Invisalign because their cases are too complex. In the hands of an experienced provider, every patient is a candidate for Invisalign treatment.

Post-Treatment Care 

Pick a practice that offers strong, post-treatment care to ensure your results last a lifetime. Innovative Orthodontic Centers uses Vivera® Retainers for all patients. Not only are they 30% stronger than any other clear retainer on the market, but you also get four sets of retainers, keeping you covered for 8-10 years.