Go Around Downtown to Treasures Naperville

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“There are so many places you know and love in Downtown Naperville,” greets Katie Wood of the Downtown Naperville Alliance. “Today, we’re here to shine the spotlight on one of the most fun places you’ll come to. Welcome to Treasures Naperville!” 

Treasures Naperville is the place for unique, exclusive, games and gadgets 

Owner Mike Kristula has always been the class clown. He is obsessed with making people laugh, and smile. He has traveled the globe and entertained people from all over with juggling magic and comedy. His goal at Treasures is to create an experience that pulls people away from screens, encourages social interaction, and enjoyment. 

“I like the idea of being social,” says Kristula. “You are actually talking to another person. You’re developing your social skills. You are even creating memories that actually last a long time. Some of my best memories are just playing board games.”

The positive impact of playing games on your brain health

“Your brain is something that definitely needs stimulation sometimes,” says Kristula. “I would saying playing a game with family and friends is actually a wonderful thing to do to get away from being hooked on devices and watching screens. It helps out so much to just be able to unplug and enjoy some of the finer nuances that don’t need technology.” 

Kristula then recommended some games for people to play including “The How I Survived Game” where players are given a scenario to escape, and the wacky tools needed to help survive!  Wood and Kristula then played “What’s the Point? The Cactus Card Game.” In this game, a winner is declared after a predetermined set of rounds, meaning the game can take as much or as little time as the players would like. 

Treasures is located at 121 S. Washington Street.