Valentine’s Day Naperville date night ideas with Nathan and Paige

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Join Nathan and Paige Ronchetti as they discuss their favorite Naperville date night ideas. They take turns pulling dating prompts from a box and talking about their favorite ideas. 

Naperville date night idea to feel young again?

When Nathan and Paige began dating and were first married, they often went to the movies. Paige brought up the Hollywood Palms Cinema, where they could watch a movie, get the traditional movie snacks like popcorn and candy, and have dinner as well. 

What is a good at-home date night idea?

Nathan likes to create interesting snacks and drinks, so he brought up a recipe he found for a parmesan martini. The drink is created by infusing gin with parmesan, straining, and then creating a classic dirty martini with olive juice and vermouth. They could spend their evening at home making cocktails and having snacks. 

Favorite romantic date night location in Naperville?

Paige had an instant answer for this question with Sullivan’s Steakhouse. She appreciates the ambiance with romantic lighting. Nathan appreciates ordering a good steak. 

Favorite double-date idea?

The couple picked cooking classes at Sur la Table as a perfect option for two couples. Nathan mentioned being able to learn a new recipe while also being competitive with who can make the best food. 

Date night idea for when the kids are around? 

Paige brought up a restaurant that seems surprising when it comes to bringing kids. Her choice is Allegory, as their daughter loves the pasta there. Nathan recommends ordering the kid’s meal as appetizers and drinks are ordered. Paige likes that there are other things to do around the restaurant for after dinner, including the Naperville Riverwalk and plenty of ice cream shops.