NaperVoice sings great music from six continents

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On Sunday, April 21 NaperVoice held their spring concert titled, Wonderful World: Great Music from Six Continents, at Grace United Methodist Church in Naperville. True to the concert’s name, the repertoire featured a wide array of music from across the globe. As NaperVoice took the audience on a world tour from North America to Australia, the music featured sparked curiosity for global cultures and languages. 

NaperVoice explores cultures through music

Showcased in the concert were songs from Ireland, West Africa, Japan, the United States, Ukraine, Australia, and Brazil. The songs explored different themes, many highlighting their respective countries’ customs and traditions. Sakura, NaperVoice’s selection originated from Japan, is based on the country’s national flower: the cherry blossom. The concert also featured the hit song, “What a Wonderful World”, which tied back to the concert’s overall theme, and many more pieces highlighting various cultures. 

NaperVoice welcomes all singers to join their mission to sing well and do good 

Half of NaperVoice’s 35 singers are paid professional musicians, while the other half are volunteers who went through an audition process to join the choir. Founded in 2021 by Philip Spencer, the mission of NaperVoice is: sing well, do good. The nonprofit organization lives out its mission by partnering with other local nonprofits and donating a portion of the proceeds from each concert to their ongoing efforts in the community. This concert raised funds for the Mays Music Center of Excellence, which also joined NaperVoice onstage for a performance during the concert. 


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