Ellsworth Blue Ribbon School | Rebecca Yarros tix cyberattack | Taco crawl

NCTV17 News Update slate for Sept. 20, 2023 with Ellsworth School sign in background
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Ellsworth Elementary School named as 2023 National Blue Ribbon School.

Ellsworth Elementary School in Naperville has been chosen as a 2023 National Blue Ribbon School.

The designation by the U.S. Department of Education recognizes “great American schools.” Ellsworth’s award fell under the category of Exemplary High-Performing Schools, as demonstrated through state assessments or national tests.

The school will officially receive the award this November in a ceremony in Washington, D.C. Ellsworth is the fourth school within Naperville School District 203 to be named a Blue Ribbon School within the last two years.

Naperville police warn of scam texts pretending to be from bank

Naperville police are warning the public about a scam involving a text message pretending to be coming from a bank.

The message inquires about a specific purchase made and asks that if the user did not make said purchase, they call the number provided.  Upon calling, a person on the line pretending to be from customer service will know the caller’s name and account number, and ask further questions. They then will alert the user that they’ll cancel the card, but have them confirm a pin first.

The scam is then made to look more legitimate with an emailed confirmation about the transaction. However, the scammer now has the pin number needed to clear out the individual’s bank account.

Police advise not to use a phone number sent through an unsolicited text or email but to instead look up the company’s number on their website or a past bill. Avoid giving out personal or banking information on the phone. And calls or texts from bank employees should always prompt your suspicions, police say.

Cyberattack affects Rebecca Yarros ticket sales site

According to a social media post by Anderson’s Bookshop, the store experienced a cyberattack on its online event sale site yesterday when selling tickets for its Rebecca Yarros author event on Nov. 11.

The bookshop says anyone whose transactions went through and received an email confirmation from EventCombo has a legitimate ticket for the event. Currently sales have been paused.

The event has not yet sold out, but the remaining tickets will be made available when the ticketing site is stable. Anderson’s will provide an update on this matter at 11 a.m. on their Instagram page.

Dancing with the Celebrities fundraiser tonight

Tonight, Sept. 20, eight Naperville notables will take the dance floor for the Career & Networking Center’s Dancing with the Celebrities fundraiser. Get a sneak peek at some of the moves they’ll be showing off this evening.

Constitution Week celebrated in Naperville by Fort Payne DAR

This week the Fort Payne chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution are celebrating Constitution Week. Find out more about the week and how its being commemorated in Naperville.

Inaugural Downtown Naperville Taco Crawl

On Tuesday night, taco lovers were out on the town for the first-ever Downtown Naperville Taco Crawl. Learn more about this tasty event.