Summer Sculptures | Spring cleanup | Mosaic honors Kennedy custodian

Downtown Naperville Summer Sculpture Series returns. Picture of the Naperville sign.
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Naperville Summer Sculpture Series

Downtown Naperville Alliance announced this year’s Summer Sculpture Series, and it’s truly un-bee-lievable! 

Honeybees and Ladybugs are among the many sculptures making their way to town this summer. Some local artists and students are already hard at work on their sculpture designs.

Find out more, including what other bugs will crawl or fly their way to Naperville

Getting ready for spring cleanup

With spring in full swing, the city of Naperville has announced a series of updates regarding garbage, brush, and yard waste collection.

Naperville residents can dispose of tree trimmings and unbundled branches through the city’s free brush collection program. The collections start the week of May 6 and run until early June.

Find out more about the spring cleanup, and what the city is offering.

Mosaic honors Kennedy Jr High custodian

Kennedy Jr. High custodian, Rick Perez, has spent seven years at the school, and over thirty in Naperville School District 203.

He was recently surprised when the school unveiled a mosaic of him made out of Rubik’s Cubes. It was constructed to honor and show appreciation to Perez, the school’s head custodian, noted as an unsung hero.

See what the mosaic looks like and what it means for Perez.

Mental Health and Opioid Remediation Grant Opportunities

With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, the City of Naperville announced two new grant funding opportunities for organizations providing mental health and substance use programs and services.

City Council approved $250,000 in grant funding for mental health programs and services and $100,000 for opioid remediation programs and services.

The city still has its annual Social Service Grant funding, given to special service organizations for community benefit. The new additional funding specifically targets mental health and opioid remediation programs and services.

The funding is available for many different types of organizations, and applications are due May 31.

A Reconfigured trail at Walnut Ridge Park

The existing trail within Naperville’s Walnut Ridge Park will be modified this year, based on details shared at the Naperville Park Board meeting on Thursday, April 25. 

The reconfiguration comes as plans to remove a small wooden bridge over a gully near Shimer Court. The deteriorating bridge is in poor condition, and park district officials have indicated replacing it would be cost-prohibitive.

To accommodate the change, the existing dirt trail will be realigned within the park, with new signage to alert pedestrians of the revamped route.