American man admits to killing Naperville woman near German castle

Picture of Naperville woman Eva Liu.
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On Monday, an American man confessed to rape and murder charges after allegedly pushing Naperville native Eva Liu and her friend down a ravine near Neuschwanstein castle in Germany.

31-year-old Troy Bohling admits to crimes

At yesterday’s trial in Germany, 31-year-old Troy Bohling and his legal team admitted that he did rape and kill 21-year-old Eva Liu in the June 14 incident. He’s also accused of injuring Liu’s friend, Kelsey Chang, 22, of Bloomington-Normal.

Last June, Liu and Chang were walking near the castle when Bohling targeted them. According to officials, Bohling lured them off the trail and first forced Liu to the ground and assaulted her. Chang attempted to help her friend, but during the scuffle, Bohling threw Chang about 165 feet down a ravine. She suffered a head injury, bruising, and grazes but survived.

Bohling then allegedly strangled Liu until she was unconscious and raped her, before also throwing her down the ravine. Liu later died from her injuries.

What Bohling is charged with

Bohling is charged with murder, attempted murder, rape, and possession of child pornography after prosecutors secured a laptop and cell phones containing the material.

At the earliest, a verdict will be announced in mid-March.