City Acquiring Property to Widen North Aurora

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Council also voted unanimously to approve a cost-sharing plan with the Naperville Township Road District to purchase rights of way along North Aurora Road.

Working With Township

The city is working with the township to widen the roadway between Frontenac Road and Weston Ridge Drive.

The two entities are negotiating with property owners to purchase rights of way to expand the road from one lane in each direction to two lanes each way and a center turn lane.

Acquiring the land is expected to cost just over $800,000.

North Aurora Bottlenecks at Rush Hour

Naperville’s Director of TED Bill Novack said traffic gets bottlenecked on North Aurora after trains arrive from the nearby Route 59 Metra station.

The project will also include updated traffic signals and a bike lane on the south side of the road.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.