D204 Discuss How Students Can Go Back To School

D204 Discuss How Students Can Go Back To School
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At the latest Indian Prairie School District 204 board meeting, Dr. Adrian Talley, the district’s superintendent, gave an update on remote learning, which included how some students can go back to school.

During his presentation Talley said D204 students would not be in school full-time until the state moves into Phase 5 of the Restore Illinois plan. However he also mentioned that high schools are looking into the possibility of bringing in some students into the school as early as next week.

What Students Will Go Back?

“We’re looking at those students who are most vulnerable and not achieving academic success,” said Talley. “We’re being very careful not to have large groups because we have to keep our number under 50. At the middle and elementary level, again, we’re looking at students who need the instructional support in the school.”

The district will reopen schools based upon guidance from the state and local health departments.

What A Board Member Wants So Students Can Go Back To School

Board member Mark Rising wants the district to look at local data when they make their decision on reopening schools and wants D204 to create a rubric so they have a path for in-person learning.

“We could make up a lot reasons of why we shouldn’t go back and we can’t go back, and nobody wants to get sick and I don’t want that either, by all means I don’t want that,” said Rising. “But I think we also need to start developing a clear path of how we get back because I think that’s what all of us want. And I truly do believe with masks and social distancing strictly enforced, smaller class sizes, I think we can get back there. Especially for those students that we know really need to get back.”

Rising said he would like to see administrations, teachers, parents, and board members collaborate, sit down and develop the rubric.

The district had their first day of remote learning for the 2020-21 school year last week, and will continue full-time remote learning through at least October 30.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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