DuPagePads serves Naperville-area community during winter storm

DuPagePads interim housing center
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A winter storm brought several inches of wet, heavy snow to Naperville on Friday, Jan. 12. With bitter cold and sub-zero wind chills predicted to move into the area Saturday night into early next week, a local nonprofit is continuing to provide housing and resources for those who need it.

“DuPagePads is taking more calls than the area 211 number because there are so many people and they need help,” said April Redzic, President and CEO of DuPagePads. “We always have folks who come in to us who are in need, and we work to serve them.”

DuPage Pads’ interim housing center provides shelter during the storm

DuPagePads is currently housing over 300 people in its interim housing center (IHC), 105 of those being children. IHC clients have access personal care resources and meals, safety shelter with a private washroom, and case management to support the end of their homelessness. In the past week, the organization’s staff has helped 13 people who needed housing move to the IHC.

DuPagePads also has alternative methods to make sure housing is provided to all who seek it during the winter storm.

“We can rent additional hotel rooms if we are at capacity to make sure that no one is exposed to the elements in a way that might put them at risk of losing their life,” said Chad Pedigo, Vice President of Development at DuPagePads.

Bundling up for the weather

DuPagePads has worked with local organizations to collect winter gear for its clients.

“We have been working steadily for the last two months to make sure that every client (has) appropriate winter wear, gloves, hats, scarves, thicker, warmer coats,” said Pedigo.

The nonprofit also seeks donations from its “urgent needs list.”

“It’s right there on the main (website) landing page, which lists donated items that we’re always seeking, such as long underwear or additional gloves,” said Pedigo. “We update that list on a regular basis and anyone can visit there, donate items that we need at our locations, or even order direct from Amazon and have them drop shipped to us.”

Redzic implores anyone in need of shelter or resources during the cold weather to first take shelter, and then call.

“(630) 682-3846. Go to a local police station, go to your local library, get inside, and then call for help to make sure you’re safe,” said Redzic.

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