Find Spooktacular Naperville Halloween Displays On Believe House Map

Spooky Witch in Halloween display in front of home
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Homeowners throughout Naperville are showing off their Halloween spirit with some spookily spectacular displays, and now there’s a map to show you just where to find them.

The Believe House Halloween map

The Believe House Halloween Map. courtesy: The Believe House (see link within story for full interactive map)

The Believe House Naperville Halloween Map

The Believe House has put out its Spooktacular ’22 Naperville Halloween Map. The online map shows where the public can spot the most frightfully fun Halloween displays around town, with each “pumpkin pinpoint” opening up an address, photo and brief description of that spot’s display. There are currently more than 70 homes on the map. They cover houses in Naperville, as well as some extra homes in nearby Plainfield, Aurora, Oswego and Lisle. New adds are always welcome and can be sent in to be included via The Believe House Facebook page.

Holiday Mainstay

Believe sign at The Believe House at Christmas

The Believe sign lights up the Christmas season at The Believe House.

The Believe House is a Christmas viewing mainstay in the Naperville area. Located at 630 Vicksburg Court, the annual display always features a giant lit up “Believe” sign. The yard is also filled with store bought and handmade decorations. Each year, the homeowners try to add something new.

Mapping Out Holiday Displays

Besides showing off their own decorations, the folks at The Believe House love to spread holiday cheer, and took it upon themselves to create a website with a full map of all the Christmas holiday homes decorated for that season. They have since expanded it to include these Halloween haunts as well in a separate map.

Naperville News 17’s Kim Pirc reports.

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