First Day Back for the Naperville Farmers Market

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First Day Back

The Naperville Farmers Market is back for the season.

“We’ve been here for 32 years and I think it’s something the community looks forward to every year and looking for new and exciting products, adding to the market every single year,” said Naperville Farmers Market manager AnnaMarie Bensfield.


This year the market has 56 vendors, the largest amount they’ve ever had.

“We have about 50 vendors, and we range from meat vendors where they specialize in grass-fed meats which is a new addition. We have a fabulous toast bar,” said Bensfield. “We have Toasted Sugar which is another new vendor that specializes in homemade treats. We have a new Dutch pancake puff that are these little tiny Danish-type pancakes that are dressed up with all types of wonderful toppings.

“Regarding non-food vendors we have people like Two Rivers that does a magnificent job offering homemade cutting boards. We also have Gracie’s Pie which does a lot of homemade soaps.”

During the last eight weeks, the market will also start to offer more crafty items.

“I think the farmers market really supports the community,” said Bensfield. “It’s for the community to bring the community together to meander together, to talk.”

The Naperville Farmers Market on 200 E. 5th Avenue runs from 6:45 a.m. to noon every Saturday through October 31.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.