Miskatonic Brewing Company to open a Naperville location this spring

Two drinks from Miskatonic Brewing Company
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Downtown Naperville will soon welcome a new brewery and restaurant, as Miskatonic Brewing Company will open for business this spring. The Naperville site will be an offshoot of the Darien-based brewery and taproom and will include a full-service restaurant. It will be located on Washington Street, just north of Barnes & Noble.

Miskatonic’s menu

When founder Josh Mowry and co-founder John Wyzkiewicz first opened up shop in Darien eight years ago, they wanted to include a restaurant in the business. In Naperville, they’ll get to live out that dream.

“When we first opened neither of us had ever run a restaurant or kitchen,” said Mowry. “We both love to cook, but that’s a lot different than running an actual commercial kitchen. Now we find ourselves almost eight years in with an opportunity to grow.”

Miskatonic Brewing Company’s menu will feature “drinking food from around the world, with a soft focus on sausages.”

“We’re going to have all kinds of things like Dutch War Fries, which is this Dutch/Indonesian appetizer with French Fries and Indonesian-style peanut sauce,” said Mowry. “And (we’ll serve) Hungarian-style sausages. All kinds of things in the menu that really go well with beer, or drinking in general.”

Naperville’s newest brewery

The modern beer hall will have table seating for roughly 100 people and bar seating of about 20 to 25 stools. Miskatonic Brewing Company’s most popular India pale ale varieties and pilsners will be available year-round, with seasonal offerings as well. 

“These days you’ll find a lot of breweries that found their niche and focus on that,” said Mowry. “We want to clean all corners of the brewing world; we make all kinds of beers.”

Mowry is looking forward to building on the roots he’s established here in Naperville. 

“We’re really excited about it,” said Mowry. “Both John (Wyzkiewicz) my co-founder and I live in Naperville. Our families are part of the community. We loved opening in Darien, but our kids go to school here, and we’re constantly finding ourselves in the downtown area.”

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