Naperville Kicks Off Thanksgiving with 25th Annual Turkey Trot 5K

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Before bringing out the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, over 6,000 trotters brought their running shoes to Naperville Central High School early Thanksgiving morning for the 25th Annual Turkey Trot 5K, hosted by the Naperville Noon Lions. 

Thanksgiving Tradition

Trotters flocked to Naperville from all around, as many run the 5K as a yearly family tradition. Both Dan and Ann Crum have been coming out for the trot since 2015.

“The race for me was good,” said Ann Crum. “It was definitely fun, I didn’t run the whole time, I took some breaks to walk, but I feel very accomplished now.”

Nap“It was good for me too,” said Dan Crum. “I got to run with my brother-in- law, which was fun, and my whole family’s out here. It was a good race and it felt great today.” 

For the past 25 years, the Naperville Noon Lions have not only helped trotters get some cardio before the feast, but they’ve also raised money for a good cause. 

The organization has used the funds raised to aid Naperville families with vision and hearing care, and help  agencies that support veterans and organizations fighting homelessness and hunger.

Sibling Bond

Nothing better than a Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot to bring the good-natured competitiveness out of family members. Brothers Luke and Jack Townsend definitely trotted their hearts out through Naperville.

“I passed him early on,” said Jack. “We tried to run together, but he sprinted out of the gate and I kept a better pace than he did. But I thought it was a good opportunity to come out with my brother and run.”

Despite finishing toward the end of the pack, brother and sister combo Dan Wood and Toni (Seminick) Wood had a blast at the Trot.

“It’s honestly all about having fun today, even if we finished in last place,” said Toni Wood.

Another year of Thanksgiving fun is in the books.

“Happy Thanksgiving!” Dan and Toni said. 

Naperville News 17’s Will Payne reports.

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