Naperville, state of Illinois, ask U.S. Supreme Court not to block assault-style weapons bans

File image of exterior of U.S. Supreme Court building
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Attorneys for the city of Naperville and the state of Illinois have requested that the U.S. Supreme Court reject the request for an injunction against local and state assault-style weapons bans.

Injunction against weapons bans filed by local gun shop owner, gun group

Naperville gun shop owner Robert Bevis, along with the National Association for Gun Rights, requested the emergency injunction, asking that the highest court in the land block the enforcement of both weapons bans while their case against them is being heard. That request said the bans are unconstitutional as they violate Second Amendment rights.

Bevis’ attorneys have said his shop, Law Weapons & Supply, has suffered as a result of these bans and may have to close.

State, Naperville argue against the block

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett had requested that Naperville and the state provide more information on the gun law bans by Monday, May 8. Filed briefs from the city argue that there’s no reason in this case to sidestep the “ordinary appellate process,” and that the safety of residents outweighs “business concerns.”

Briefs filed by the state argue that Bevis and the gun rights association failed to show they are likely to win their cases, and said there is no evidence showing that Bevis and the gun group will suffer irreparable harm due to the law.

The arguments used by both the city and state mirrored those they had used successfully in the U.S. District Court and the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

It is not known when Barrett will make a ruling on the case.

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