Small Senior Subdivision to South Naperville

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A new low-density subdivision is coming to town near Book Road and Hassert Blvd.

The Planning and Zoning Commission recently approved the annexation and rezoning of more than 4.5-acre vacant property. It sits on the corner of Book Road and Hassert Boulevard, just north of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The Proposal

McNaughton Development, Inc. looks to bring a low-density, single-family subdivision to the spot, which will include ten age-restricted homes.

Previous Petition

Last May, the commission saw the same petition for the subdivision but with eight homes instead of ten, and they weren’t age-restricted.

“The builders looked at the market and saw a very real need for empty nester-type product with first floor master suites, ranch home designs, and also a smaller footprint- less square footage,” said Len Monson, representing McNaughton Development.

Project Details

Slated as “The Enclave on Book” – the subdivision’s home sizes will range between 2,500 and 3,200 square feet. And a 50-foot buffer will separate the surrounding River Run property lines to the back of the new homes.

“I think the previous plan was unanimously approved I think by this commission. And this one as far as I see – it’s an improvement upon the previous plan,” said Commissioner Bianca Morin.

The target prices for the homes are $750,000.

The proposal now goes to Naperville City Council.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.