CARES Programs at Loaves and Fishes Community Services

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The CARES Programs at Loaves and Fishes Community Services help fulfill the organization’s mission to move families forward. Since its inception, Loaves and Fishes Community Services has been dedicated to providing healthy food to families in need. However, the CARES Programs exist to supplement the needs of the community. 

Get additional service through the CARES Programs.

Loaves & Fishes supports low-income families to meet immediate needs and educational programs/services to achieve long-term self-sufficiency. They accomplish this through collaboration with community partners and health professionals, building a support network for underserved members in our community.

Services include:

  • Car Program
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Emotional Support
  • English Classes
  • Financial Health
  • Health Screenings
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Legal Support
  • Moving Up
  • Public Benefit Assistance
  • Resource Meetings
  • Tax Preparation

A new collaboration with DuPagePads and the car donation program

Cars donated by the community are repaired and given to families who lack reliable transportation to get to work. Eligible individuals must be working, have a referral from their employer or social service agency, attend Financial Fitness classes, and complete a detailed application and documentation process. 

“DuPagePads is going to put out the word to their donors and try to get more cars, and then those cars would be donor-designated to a Pads client, who has met our eligibility requirements,” said Derrick. 

About Loaves and Fishes Community Services

With help and compassion, Loaves & Fishes provides food and support to over 8,000 people a week. They hope to create a future where struggling families can access the resources they need to help them overcome barriers, improve their lives, and become self-sufficient.