Celebrating hometown heritage with Naperville Preservation

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Naperville Preservation, Inc. is a grassroots organization raising awareness of historic preservation in Naperville, Illinois. They are the only independent Naperville organization dedicated to historic preservation. They began in 2019 as “Save Old Nichols”, and successfully led the effort to save the original Nichols Library, now the Gia Mia Italian restaurant in downtown Naperville.

They believe that historic preservation pays and that it is good for our local economy. That old buildings attract new businesses and new people. That historic preservation has the lowest lifetime carbon impact, and that the greenest building is the one that is already built.

They are dedicated to all of Naperville and all architectural styles and periods, from a Queen Anne in the Historic District to Mid-century Modern in the East and West Highlands, to the faux log cabin on the south side of town. They work to raise awareness of the built hometown heritage, which they believe is a significant contributor to why Naperville is the wonderful community that it is today.

Take a tour and join Naperville Preservation 

They are proud to offer virtual tours of some of Naperville’s historic places and interviews with people who work for preservation on their website for all to explore and enjoy. Their website also offers a helpful list of local preservation resources.

Naperville Preservation is a small organization of about 50 households and is open to everyone who is interested. Visit them online to learn more about them and how to get involved.