Century Walk Corporation invites all to explore their open-air art

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Journey into the heart of art, storytelling, and community with Century Walk Corporation, the Naperville non-profit invites locals and visitors to explore their open-air museum. Whether you’re well-acquainted with their mission or just discovering them, there’s always more to uncover within their ever-expanding collection of public art throughout Naperville.

Naperville’s vibrant narratives come to life through the 50+ sculptures, murals, mosaics, and reliefs scattered across town. For over a quarter-century, they’ve been a part of uniting the community, revitalizing history, and making art accessible to all. Collaborating with local and internationally acclaimed artists, the Century Walk collection immortalizes the people, places, and events that have both shaped and continue to shape the local community.

Century Walk Corporation’s latest developments

In 2021, they proudly unveiled their 52nd masterpiece, the Naperville Notable Athletes Mural on the wall outside of Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Downtown Naperville. The mural is two panels and features the city’s 15 most popular athletes playing golf at Naperville Country Club. This creation pays homage to athletes of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and abilities, embodying our forward-looking approach to public art and our unwavering dedication to enhancing inclusivity for every member of the Naperville community.

A poignant addition to Naperville’s public art panorama is the Gold Star Families Memorial Monument, inaugurated on May 27, 2023, at Veteran’s Park. This monument stands as a tribute to the families who made the ultimate sacrifice, losing loved ones in military service. The unveiling ceremony featured the Presentation of Colors, a soaring performance by the Lima Lima flight team, and melodic renditions by the Naperville Municipal Band and Men’s Glee Club.

A glimpse into the future

Their 52nd creation, the Naperville Notable Athletes Mural, exemplifies their vision for the future of public art—an inclusive and engaging tapestry that reflects the diversity of the community. They are driven to help foster unity, and they are committed to encouraging dialogue and keeping the tales of bygone eras alive.

Recently their team has been crafting a distinctive guide to the complete Century Walk collection. This remarkable guide boasts an exquisitely illustrated map showcasing all 53 locations, original artwork, and an immersive audio tour. “Century Walk: Naperville’s Public Art Guide” is poised to offer locals and visitors an intimate connection to our town’s artistry and heritage. Look forward to its print and online release in early Fall, available at select local businesses.

Spotlight welcomed Century Walk Corporation’s W. Brand Bobosky, President and Lew Breese, Past Commander of VFW Post 3873, Naperville.