Curiosity 2 CREATE helps teachers help students thrive

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Curiosity 2 CREATE knows education is at a crossroads. Teachers are burnt out. Students are disengaged. Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills are declining. Knowing that education is facing this turning point, the Driskill Foundation brought together and funded a few select educators to start Curiosity 2 CREATE. These teachers created the CREATE Method specifically designed to help teachers infuse these vital skills into their already existing curricula.

Curiosity 2 CREATE promotes new ideas and innovation within existing teaching plans 

They are a non-profit that partners with educators to discover and develop their already existing curricula, collaborate with other educators, and find strategies to help their students embrace creative and critical thinking in the classroom. They offer tailored professional development for school districts and teachers, online courses, and one-on-one coaching where educators are taken through their CREATE Method step-by-step to better prepare students for any challenge that stands in their way.

What is the CREATE method and why was it developed?

The CREATE Method revolves not only around the standard creative problem-solving process but the unique creative person solving those problems. Curiosity 2 CREATE believes that every classroom, no matter the age level or content, can incorporate creative and critical thinking by using the CREATE Method as a guide:

​C is for Content Curator

How do we curate curiosity and creativity into an effective and informed knowledge pathway?

R is for Risk Facilitator

How do we encourage students to push outside their comfort zone and enter the creative zone?

E is for Experience Navigator

How do we make the learning experience engaging, relevant, and beneficial?

A is for Attitude Shifter

Can an atmosphere where attitude is valued and affirmed be created?

T is for Team Transformer

How to create strong, creative, and collaborative teams with contagious energy?

E is for Evaluation Designer

How can we create opportunities that encourage curiosity and creativity so that students can manage, monitor, and modify their own learning?

At Curiosity 2 CREATE, they are passionate about the power creativity and critical thinking can have on the future of education.

Spotlight guest from Curiosity 2 CREATE

Katie Trowbridge, President/CEO