Giving DuPage can help you find a place to volunteer

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Giving DuPage’s mission is to promote giving and volunteering in DuPage County. They coordinate several volunteer-related programs throughout DuPage. Giving DuPage offers countless opportunities for individuals, families, businesses, faith-based organizations, and many others with opportunities to give back and help make a difference as they volunteer in DuPage County

The Giving DuPage volunteer portal helps connect volunteers to organizations

Through filters on the volunteer portal webpage, anyone can find the volunteer opportunity that’s right for them. This portal also allows smaller organizations to reach new people to volunteer. “Currently, there are about 405 nonprofits who are registered with the portal. And so for community members, they can go into this portal, and they can find volunteer opportunities,” says Janell Robinson, a board member with Giving DuPage. “There are about 975 or more volunteer opportunities available. And annually, we link a thousand or more people with nonprofits.”

Giving DuPage Days sends a message of hope

For three days in May, an entire county will come together to send a resounding message of HOPE to the local nonprofit community. Community organizations continue to serve residents during the many challenges faced today. Giving DuPage is inviting everyone to join in for Giving DuPage Days, an online fundraiser, with a goal to raise over $350,000 for local nonprofit organizations serving DuPage County.

From May 1-3, Giving DuPage will connect individuals, families, businesses, schools, community & faith groups to celebrate and create awareness for participating charities. Everyone is welcome, and donors of all ages can participate! In the past four years, over 9,500 donors have helped to raise $1,312,188 for many nonprofits.