Hesed House breaks chains of homelessness

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Hesed House operates as a national exemplar in the mission to end homelessness, striving to make a difference one person or family at a time. It is the second-largest homeless shelter in Illinois, surpassing all others outside of Chicago. This achievement is the culmination of more than four decades of strategic development.

How Hesed House assists individuals experiencing or at risk of homelessness

Within their centralized campus, a team of highly skilled professionals collaborates tirelessly to equip individuals and families with the essential tools needed to break free from the bonds of homelessness. In conjunction with external agencies, Hesed House serves over a thousand individuals annually through its shelter and three housing programs. As the region’s most extensive Comprehensive Homeless Resource Center, it offers comprehensive support encompassing housing, support systems, life skills, legal matters, abuse prevention, and mental/physical health assistance, among other services. Each day, they extend a helping hand to newly homeless families and individuals, working diligently to facilitate their transition back to independent living while addressing their distinct needs.

How you can help

Over 7,500 volunteers actively participate at Hesed House each year, representing a diverse spectrum of over 90 local churches, businesses, and service organizations. These dedicated groups play a pivotal role in the organization’s fabric by providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and, most importantly, a sense of hope to those grappling with homelessness. They extend heartfelt appreciation to these numerous groups and individuals who steadfastly support the organization through food donations and financial contributions.

Hesed House invites the opportunity to connect with new volunteers and individuals interested in learning how they can contribute to our noble mission. Please do not hesitate to contact donate@hesedhouse.org if you wish to explore further and become part of our meaningful cause.

Spotlight welcomed Hesed House representatives Joe Jackson, Executive Director, and Lauren Jernigan, Division Director of Development.