Naper Settlement

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Naper Settlement is a nationally accredited, award-winning outdoor history museum set on 13 magnificent acres in the heart of Naperville. Its rich history starts with Caroline Martin Mitchell, the grandchild of Scotch immigrants, a business leader, and a city planner. In 1936 through a perpetual trust, Caroline donated 212 acres of her family property to her hometown of Naperville, Illinois to bolster the city’s growth, have a place to gather the community, and house a cultural center dedicated to education and preserving the area’s history. Today, the museum is home to 31 historical structures and a collection of over 80,000 artifacts that provide a path for lifelong learning, as well as a bridge for schools through informal education. Naper Settlement remains a thriving and vital cultural anchor for the city of approximately 150,000 people, sponsoring exhibits, concerts, field trips, educational programs tailored to the Illinois Department of Education standards and core curriculum requirements, along with other activities that fulfill Caroline Martin Mitchell’s vision of a permanent, public institution that celebrates Naperville’s proud history and its promising future.

Naper Settlement visitors are immersed in history as they learn about the past and how it relates to the present, from pioneer times to today. Highlights include special events and programs and activities year-round, both on- and off-site. Visit them online first for more information.

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