Pete Ellman Big Band bridges the gap for budding jazz musicians

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The Pete Ellman Big Band (PEBB) is a non-profit that harmoniously blends passion, dedication, and musical excellence. Established in 2009 by Pete Ellman following his retirement from the Illinois Air National Guard, you can most often find the ensemble playing in the Chicagoland Western suburbs. However, PEBB’s influence extends beyond its performances, as it actively nurtures young talent through engaging partnerships with student jazz ensembles and guest clinicians.

Resonating residency

The heart of PEBB’s musical endeavors lies in its current residency at The Venue in Aurora. This vibrant location has become a hub for music enthusiasts and provides a great backdrop for the band to captivate audiences. The Venue’s intimate ambiance allows for a truly immersive experience that audiences love.

Nurturing emerging talent

PEBB’s is committed to nurturing the next generation of jazz musicians. The band’s practice of inviting student jazz ensembles to join them on stage is a fantastic opportunity for these budding artists. It serves as a bridge between the classroom and the real world, offering young musicians the chance to showcase their skills in an authentic setting. By inviting them to perform alongside seasoned professionals in a live setting, the band helps these aspiring artists cultivate essential skills, from improvisation to stage presence.

Guidance from maestros

The involvement of guest clinicians adds an educational dimension to PEBB’s performances. Music experts join forces with the band to provide valuable insights, guidance, and inspiration to the emerging talents. This mentorship not only enriches the students’ musical knowledge but also instills in them a sense of confidence and camaraderie.

For more information on the Pete Ellman Big Band including a list of their upcoming performances, CD’s, events and more check them out online.

Spotlight welcomed the Pete Ellman Big Band president Pete Ellman and staff member Craig Roselieb.