Ribfest is Family Fun for a Good Cause

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Ribfest is the major fundraiser put on every year by the Exchange Club of Naperville to help fight child abuse and domestic violence while strengthening families in our local communities. As a result of these fundraising efforts, in its 32 years, over $18 million has been contributed back to our local communities in support of these causes.

Ribfest blends community, entertainment, and of course award-winning ribs from vendors across the country.


The music line-up for Ribfest hosted by the Exchange Club of Naperville is always outstanding! Whether you are interested in classic rock, country, rap, hip hop, or a lover of all music, you will be sure to enjoy their amazing artists.


Ribfest is an award-winning festival of nationally recognized ribbers with delicious BBQ ribs, pulled pork, BBQ chicken and tasty sauces. Their rib vendors pride themselves on their individual recipes. No two are the same. Let us know which one you like best.

Have a taste for something other than BBQ? No problem, Ribfest offers a wide variety of food alternatives, desserts and festival fare.

Besides being a wonderful festival and fundraiser to fight child abuse and domestic violence, Ribfest is also a summer tradition recognized for great food and drink.

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Diane Simmons, 2022 Ribfest Entertainment Chair

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