St. Patrick’s Residence offers care in a homelike environment

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St. Patrick’s Residence is a nonprofit, mission-based long-term care and short-term rehabilitation facility served by the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm. Together with their staff, the Sisters lovingly care for the elderly regardless of race, disability, or religious affiliation. St. Patrick’s offers physical, emotional, and spiritual care delivered through a family of loving caregivers who work together to create a home-like environment. 

Where it all started

St. Patrick’s Residence opened its doors in 1964 in the old Louis Joliet Hotel in downtown Joliet. In 1987, the Moser Family graciously donated their farmland in Naperville to construct our current facility building, and in 1989, the facility opened its doors. In June 1997, the construction of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Chapel was completed. 

The mission of the Carmelite Sisters

The Carmelite Sisters’ foundress, Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa McCrory, established the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirmed on September 3, 1929. The Sisters now sponsor, co-sponsor, or serve in 20 facilities in the United States and one in Dublin, Ireland.

In Carmelite homes, Sisters and staff alike seek to carry out Mother Angeline’s philosophy of care. She stressed the dignity and worth of every older person and the need to provide more than an up-to-date facility. In her words, we must bring Christ to every older person, “giving them his compassion, his interest, his loving care, his warmth morning, noon, and night. It means inspiring the lay people who work with us to give the same type of loving care.” This is summed up in the Carmelite Sisters’ slogan, “The Difference is Love,℠” and their core values of Hospitality, Compassion, Sanctity of Life, and Shared Commitment.

St. Patrick’s Residence continues to care for the elderly

St. Patrick’s Residence provides short-term rehabilitation services and long-term care. The facility continues to operate with a 24-bed sub-acute unit and 160 long-term care beds. Recently, the facility completed a year-long renovation project on resident care units and common areas. This renovation allowed for open spaces and provided a more homelike environment for residents. The renovation wasn’t possible without the amazing support of the community, which has supported St. Patrick’s since the first day doors opened in Joliet. St. Patrick’s is thrilled to share that it will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2024.