Steven Dimas Family Scholarship Foundation

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The Steven Dimas Family Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Carol Dimas and her family started the foundation to honor her late husband Steven Dimas who was instrumental in supporting her goal of starting an Advocacy Firm. To honor his memory and mark the 10 years since his passing, Carol and her family set up this foundation to help families who need services and supports for their children with disabilities but may not have the means to hire professionals to help them navigate and procure these services.

Steven Dimas Family Scholarship Foundation’s Purpose

The goal of the foundation is to provide scholarships to as many families as possible to allow them to access advocacy and related services. The foundation takes no profit from any awardee. The goal is to get families on the road to the appropriate plans and supports for their children so that they may reach their potential. The award money goes towards advocacy, dyslexia, or other related services. Families can fill out an application and personal statement and the Board of Directors will determine candidates who can truly benefit from the Scholarship award. For more information on the foundation and the Steven Dimas Family Scholarship please visit their website.

Spotlight Guest

Carol Dimas, Founder of the Organization

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