Turning Pointe Autism Foundation focuses on partnerships

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Turning Pointe Autism Foundation provides a specialized educational environment and curriculum for students living with autism. Their mission includes a history of continuously developing programs to provide new solutions and a place of learning in an environment that is helpful for those on the autism spectrum. Turning Pointe has multiple educational and service opportunities to help further autism acceptance by the general public and their programs also provide respite for family members.

The beginning of the foundation

In 2007 Randy and Kim Wolf developed a program of support with therapists that proved life-changing for their family. Their son, Jack, had been diagnosed with autism at eighteen months and was engaging in the most destructive behaviors associated with the disorder. As their programming helped Jack emerge from isolation to a place of connection, Randy and Kim were relieved but not satisfied. Rather than resting after their tiring time of intense intervention for Jack, Randy and Kim galvanized a group of volunteers, experts, and the community to start Turning Pointe Autism Foundation which would dedicate itself to best practice approaches to support students on the autism spectrum.

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation today

The CN Day School was created to meet the specific and unique needs of students learning with autism, and offers individuals aged 5 to 22 the support of an aide, Learning Behavior Specialist teacher, and a team of interdisciplinary clinicians. This program was recently approved for Early Childhood services as well; thus, in 2023 they will expand to serve 3 and 4-year-olds.

In 2018, The Foglia Family Adult Services Program was created for students aging out of the Day Program.  Designed for adults aged 22 and up, it includes comprehensive clinical support to assist with communication, socially appropriate behaviors, functional living, and employment skills.

The Employment Training Program (ETP) began in 2012 and has launched dozens of adults into independent employment. Training includes real-world environments. Also, an alumni group allows graduates to stay connected – utilizing the TP team when things change for our alum, but to continue developing social skills.

Additionally, Turning Pointe has created more experiences and opportunities for students through new and expanding onsite enterprises to offer a complete environment in which to thrive. With the support of the students and alumni (part of the Foglia Family Adult Services Program), t-shirts and other apparel are created for their Made to Inspire Boutique, and Two Brothers coffee is packaged and distributed in partnership with Two Brothers Coffee Roasters.

Spotlight welcomed Turning Pointe Autism Foundation’s Development & Operations Director, Barb Brauer and Corporate Partner, Mason Brown, from Two Brothers.