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What is the Turning Pointe Autism Foundation?

Established by volunteers in 2007, Founded and led by Randy & Kim Wolf, a team of professionals developed a program of supports that proved life-changing for their family. Their son, Jack, had been diagnosed with autism at eighteen months and was engaging in the most destructive behaviors associated with the disorder. As their programming helped Jack emerge from a place of isolation to a place of connection, Randy and Kim were relieved but not satisfied. Randy and Kim galvanized a group of volunteers, experts and the community to start Turning Pointe Autism Foundation in order to create programming for more students. Turning Pointe would be dedicated to best practice approaches to supporting students on the spectrum.

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation creates opportunities and programs to educate individuals with autism through proven interventions to increase independence, encourage meaningful lifelong pursuits, and enrich the community at large. With two primary programs and pilots to develop best practices, Turning Pointe serves 75 students annually.

The program outcomes measure their ability to help students with autism improve communication, develop socially appropriate behaviors, and increase both independence and employability skills. Students make meaningful progress with appropriate supports from the team of devoted professionals and in partnership with families.

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation recognizes the perseverance of students, honors their unique abilities, and enjoys their varied interests.

You can support Turning Pointe by volunteering, donating, and sharing their story.

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Spotlight Guests

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