Holiday Movies and Traditions

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Holiday movies and traditions are subjects in this week’s Red Zone Quick Hits, along with players’ picks for play of the season.

With the holiday season in full swing, senior Jake Beesley and freshman Luke Lehnen were asked if they had a favorite holiday or Christmas-themed movie.

Jake Beesley said he would normally say ‘Die Hard’ but understands that most people don’t consider it a Christmas Movie, so instead went with ‘Fred Claus’ and a favorite of his and his brothers when they were younger.

Lehen gave what he said was a “basic” answer of ‘Home Alone,’ but confessed he isn’t sure he could have done as well as Kevin McCallister did in warding off the Wet Bandits. Beesley and Lehnen agreed that Ben Wong would be the teammate to do the best at defending the house.

As for holiday traditions, Beesley said he enjoys any time spent with family, including snowball fights with his cousins when they were kids. Lehnen agreed, saying his family has a tradition of building gingerbread houses together (although he confessed he isn’t the best).

With the season winding down, the players were asked to pick their plays of the season. Beesley apologized for going with defense and for recency bias, picking Tyler Rich’s interception against R.P.I. that almost resulted in a touchdown. Lehen also went with recent examples, torn between Nic Rummel’s one-handed interception in the end zone against UW La Crosse or DeAngelo Hardy’s touchdown against R.P.I. with a blocking assist from Ethan Greenfield.