Little Friends promotes acceptance for those with autism and other developmental disabilities

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Little Friends is an organization that helps children, adults, and their families challenged by intellectual and developmental disabilities, social and emotional challenges, and autism. Support ranges from a clinic focused on autism, two schools helping children and adolescents with autism and social/emotional challenges, and adult support that includes adult day programming and social activities. Residential services are provided for both children and adults. 

“We help children, adults, and their families that are dealing with the challenges associated with intellectual and developmental disabilities, social and emotional challenges, and then the spectrum of autism,” says Mike Briggs, President and CEO of Little Friends. 

Little Friends Center for Autism strives to provide a fulfilling life

Through comprehensive therapy services and evidence-based treatment strategies, the Little Friends Center for Autism (LFCA) understands the range of emotions that may come with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. They are here to help families along the way. The Center is home to dedicated staff providing exceptional care and services to help foster growth and empower those served.  In addition to therapeutic services, they offer several training sessions to other professional organizations.

“The majority of the children are on the autism spectrum and then some other challenge that they’re dealing with. And then we also operate a high school that deals with young adolescents that are dealing with social and emotional challenges,” says Briggs. 

Improvements to adult day services at Little Friends

The organization serves more than just children, and the Little Friends Adult Day Services program seeks to provide adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities meaningful ways to spend their days. The three programs: Community Day Services, Supported Employment Program, and Inklude Art Studio, provide individuals with opportunities to pursue various personal goals and lead empowered lives.

“One of the newest initiatives that we’ve started is a program that’s targeted at providing education and training and, in essence, building self-confidence for young adults to give them the potential to work in a community integrated setting,” says Briggs. “And so there’s a real emphasis on our part, big picture, if you will, to try to create an employment services organization.”