The Muthusami Paravel or M.P. Foundation helps families affected by Naperville tornado

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The Muthusami Paravel Foundation, also known as the M.P. Foundation, believes every child deserves the best start in life. This belief underpins their mission to empower parents, teachers, and leaders, enhancing their capabilities to positively impact children’s education and development. This mission came to life in an effort to help families affected by the Naperville tornado.¬†

Broken glass and hazardous materials leave Naperville backyards unusable 

A pivotal moment for the M.P. Foundation came on a Tuesday evening, as Selvei Rajkumar, Managing Director of the foundation, was watching a Naperville City Council live broadcast. During the meeting, Kristy Kennedy made a plea for a non-profit organization to assist with the aftermath of a tornado that had struck Naperville in June 2021, highlighting the urgent need for safe play areas for children and pets, who were at risk due to broken glass and other hazardous materials scattered in backyards.

Moved by the immediate need to address this crisis, Selvei contacted the then Mayor, Mr. Chirico, who facilitated introductions to Kristy Kennedy and Kelly Dougherty. This proactive response set in motion a remarkable collaborative effort. Together, they engaged with businesses, individuals, state representatives, the city manager, and his team, securing a grant of $1 million from the state with the help of State Rep. Anna Stava-Murray, alongside approval for up to $500,000 from the City of Naperville.

Grant money helps Naperville residents with yard restoration

The team took the lead in coordinating with various earthwork and landscaping contractors, carefully selecting two to recommend to the homeowners for their yard restoration projects. This meticulous planning and coordination ensured all the work was completed on schedule and within budget. The project’s success was meticulously documented, with all reports to the state and city of Naperville finalized and contractors compensated.

The impact of this project has been profound, with nearly 80+ homes benefiting from the restoration efforts. Children and pets can now safely play in their yards, free from the danger posed by shattered glass and hazardous materials. This initiative restored physical spaces and brought peace of mind to families affected by the tornado, demonstrating the Muthusami Paravel Foundation’s commitment to empowering communities and fostering environments where children can thrive safely and confidently.