Bolstering Business in Naperville

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Without a strong business environment, the city of Naperville wouldn’t be what it is today.  As the fourth largest city in Illinois, Naperville often ranks high as a quality place to live, work and play.

The city’s location – which offers easy access to surrounding cities, airports and Chicago, is a major reason why international and national industries choose Naperville.  The city also offers a unique work life balance with many different business and work avenues so employees can replace their commute with more family time.

Booming with Business

The downtown area alone is packed with several hundred retail shops, restaurants and other businesses.  Meanwhile South Naperville is booming with business, bringing in customers from Will County and expanding the economic vitality of the region.

Helping businesses flourish are organizations like:

There’s certainly no shortage of goods and services to be found in our city and the businesses that provide them also bring jobs and revenue.  That’s why the business sector truly shines among our list of Naperville gems!

Other Naperville Gems